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Welcome to Osaka Umeda!


Enjoy exploring the different streets!

You can enjoy a variety of areas with different features on foot, such as Grand Front Osaka located in the Umekita area, known as the last prime location left in the heart of the city, Osaka Station City which is integrated with the railway station, the Nishi Umeda area, including Herbis Osaka, forming high quality space for adults, and the Chayamachi area with many shops including NU chayamachi for young people.
The UMEGLE-BUS (loop bus) service connects these areas in Osaka Umeda, providing added convenience for getting around!


Enjoy shopping!

Osaka Umeda is the Japan’s largest commercial district. It provides many facilities such as department stores, large commercial facilities and underground shopping areas. Its abundance of shops can meet the shopping needs of all generations.
Find your favorite shops in Osaka Umeda!


Numerous hotels!

You can choose among many hotels from luxury high grade-hotels to more economical ones.


The largest number of incoming and outgoing passengers in Japan!

“Osaka Umeda” is Japan’s largest terminal area with 7 stations including JR Osaka Station, Hankyu Umeda station, Hanshin Umeda station and the municipal subway stations, with 12 train routes altogether. On average the network is used by 2,500,000 people every day. You can reach Kansai International Airport (KIX), Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) and Kobe Airport by train or bus in 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Close to world class tourist attractions!

The Kansai region has many popular tourist attractions including Osaka Castle, which is the city’s tourist Mecca, the world famous ancient cities of Kyoto and Nara, as well as Kobe, a popular and fashionable port town, and Himeji Castle and Kumano Kodo are registered as World Heritage sites. Osaka Umeda, located centrally to these areas, is a transport interchange and offers convenient access to all!

Enjoy area events!

Osaka Umeda holds exciting street events! During Umeda Yukata Matsuri, people wearing Yukata as part of Japanese culture enjoy strolling through the streets, and at the time of the Umeda Snowman Festival, the streets are full of snowmen. These are must-see attractions!

Stylish play Umeda Yukata Matsuri Here’s more on the events (in Japanese).

Umeda Snowman Festival Here’s more on the events (in Japanese).

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Osaka Umeda Station Vicinity Maps

Please use these maps so that you can easily explore the streets of Osaka Umeda where there are many railway stations and buildings.
One is the above ground map and the other is the underground map. They describe the locations of railway and bus stations as well as of information offices, banks and exchange counters.
The information is described not only in Japanese but also in English, Chinese and Korean, so these maps are convenient for foreign visitors!

Above Ground Map PDFUnderground Map PDF

Underground Map PDFUnderground Map PDF